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We arrived at the track Thurs Nite, Met up with Mike Trans
Mike, Christy, Mikey and Wild Bill Hickok. We had a late nite meal at the Petro and then went to bed, it was a cold nite, so the heaters ran all nite in the Toterhomes...LOL
On Fri Morning the Weather was very nice, quite a bit cooler but the sun was shining and No Wind, But unfortunatly that would change. Fri was a set up and tech day for us with no testing in the plan. Fri Nite was the 2005 PSCA Banquet, which saw a big turnout and a fun time by all.
On Sat, everyone woke up to a stiff 25mph wind and very cool temps in the mid 40's. The density altitude was great for vegas hovering around the 1800-2000 mark but with the cold temps and wind, the track was quite tricky.
First Qualifying Session we just did a bournout and staged the car. Some of the P/S cars made it down the track but the weather won out for sure. 2nd round was the best chance at a good pass, but a electrical gremlin kept us in the pits. On the 3rd and final Qualifier the wind had died down substantially but the sun also was on its way down ans so were the temps. We made a attempt at the starting line but shook the tires, most of the p/s cars didnt get to far down track either, many having severe engine problems. All in All we qualified 12th with a 12 sec run, but we got on the ladder.
On Sunday Cold and Rain was the News for the Day. The Race will be finished at the April Vegas Race, We are Qualified 12th and will race Ed Marx when the race resumes.